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188金宝搏app苹果_188足球比分直播即时比分_m188betcom手机版 - Company Overview

ORIENT CABLE is a professional provider in design, manufacture, install and service of land cables and subsea cables. Orient cable,s products are used by leading global energy company and subsea service providers in the world,s harsh onshore and offshore environments. The most Competitive products of ORIENT CABLE is subsea cables, and include:

AC subsea power cables(AC SPC)

DC subsea power cables(DC SPC)

Subsea Equipment Umbilical(SEU)

Subsea dynamic cables(SDC)

Subsea production umbilicals(SPU)

Intervention workover control systems(IWOCS)

Aftermarket,Installation And Maintenance Service(AIMS)

At ORIENT CABLE,our people have unrivalled experience and understanding of the needs of power transmission industry, meanwhile our young engineers with well education and passionate have perfect offshore Engineering knowledge and experience of project management in the offshore energy industry.


Over 500 employees worldwide,70 of which are engineers
One modern manufacturing facility for SUBSEA CABLES
One modern manufacturing facility for POWER CABLES
One modern manufacturing facility for WIRES&CABLES
One head administrative center
One market development & research development office
One customer management office in Houston, USA

We can confidently supply our customer with entire lifecycle products with high quality and properties. ORIENT CABLE has entire QHSE management system and passed related certification and classification society certification while we have our quality management manual.

At ORIENT CABLE, we are focused on continuously improving our products and developing new technology to meet the development of the offshore equipment industry. Our high-qualified, passionate and creative young engineers and Senior engineers focus on power transmission and offshore energy. With their effort, we have improved the product innovation ability. From onshore to offshore, we can organize production, aiming at high reliability, to make sure all our products can meet the requirement of customer and lifecycle.

ORIENT CABLE establishes and adheres to global procurement policies, programs and procedures in accordance to management, clients and projects requirement.

Experts in international energy economics, the team monitor, assess and observe market conditions and trends. Using market intelligence, they source, qualify and select credible suppliers and manage the procurement process from beginning to end.

They ensure the highest product quality and make sure we get equipment that keeps us sustainable, safe and operating at full capacity. ORIENT CABLE concerns about the long-term, strategy and a win-win cooperative cooperation pattern with the suppliers. Then the supply and demand from the unique pattern of learning, complement supporting to improve the integrated capabilities of goods procured by ORIENT CABLE and ensures the timely provision cycle.

We have advanced production equipment of land and subsea cables, experienced people, passionate engineers and modern management system, so that we can supply high reliability products with the related industry (as described in our products catalogue), meanwhile we can design, develop and produce customized products and systems and trace the performance of operation according to the special requirement from the professional industry.

Our Marketing teams, with the concept of communication, establish the long-term and reliable relationship and carry on business work and negotiation strictly applying to the international commercial standard. We make regular survey of the satisfaction of the customers to make sure we can supply the customer with best service.

Orient Cable passed the certification of ISO and DNV. The certification covers all the design, develop, production, test and service. After great effort in the past years, ORIENT CABLE has implemented systems and procedures and has developed processes and equipment to continually improve the reliability of our products. Manufacturing equipment has been developed, in house, to ensure that processes are both reliable and reproducible. Meanwhile we use computerized, real time, Statistical Process Control systems to maximize reliability of products and service. We also use high-performance software in the finance, marketing, production and design stage to ensure the reliability of and accuracy of the data.