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188金宝搏app苹果_188足球比分直播即时比分_m188betcom手机版 - System certification


OHSAS 18001:2007
GB/T 28001-2011
ISO 14001:2004
GB/T 24001-2004
ISO 9001:2008
GB/T 19001-2008
ISO 9001:2008

QHSE activities are given the highest priority within our company. Orient Cable's management systems address QHSE in detail and ensure a high QHSE standard throughout the whole organisation.

The company's General Manager has formulated policies for safety, security, occupational health and working environment, and environmental management. Measurable targets are set for each onshore and offshore unit to ensure compliance with the laid down policies and maintain a continuous improvement cycle. Personnel training and familiarization is recognized as one of the key activities in order to achieve a good QHSE culture and minimize risks.